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About Us

In 1996 our company, NIA SHIMI trading & producing co, began to supply hot & cold applied In this regard, we have succeeded in manufacturing, supplying and performing many national & international projects such as 28” pipeline project of transferring gas from  Iran to Armenia.

In 2007, due to increasing in customers demand, unbelievable development of our company regarding quality and quantity, fulfilling customer’s satisfaction and collecting confirmation of gas & oil companies, international RWTUV certificates, ISO 9001 -2008, ISO 17025, our production has increased from 5000 MT of wrapping tapes to 10000 MT and from 1800000 liters primer to 3000000 liters. Moreover we have succeeded to install the production lines of co- extrude 3ply tapes and heat shrinkable sleeve , two component epoxy primer , repair patch , closure patch , mastic and other accessories for joint wraps with 3 ply polyethylene coating . By producing all these products and following global standards, we have become one of the most important manufacturers of gas, oil and petrochemical industry equipment and we have the honor to be the founder of adhesive anti – corrosion tapes in Iran in short while.

Moreover, we have changed our structure of industrial activities and based our planning on active, qualified human resource to increase our products quality and the continues of this plan is placed in our working structure.

The strategies for the future of NIASHIMI co. are relying on the high quality of our products, updating the process of production, concerning customer’s satisfaction, training human resource by cooperation of wise managers and qualified experts, and this is how we place our Sleeve in the list of best manufacturers in this industry.

One of the most important factors for having good quality is to control consistently. So that we have done our best to keep the high quality of our products by installing equipped laboratory and following.

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